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Envolta is one of the world's leading "one source" global technology enabled service provider in inspection, verification, testing measurement and certification.We are the best upcoming service provider in radiation protection services.Our goal is to drive technical innovation to bring significant benefits to our customers in the radiation industry and in the security tagging niches we serve.At Envolta,innovation means help to protect the people information and critical resources across the globe. From sensors and radars to cybersecurity and radiography testing,we continue to develop game changing technologies that help the world a safer place.

Measurement Instrument

Nucleonic Instruments for profiling,level,density and ​interface managements.

Reservoir Technologies

Specialist envolta technologies to to enhance information on oil, water and gas flows in reservoirs.

Product Assurance

Technologies used inbrand protection and authentication programs.

Monitors & Servicing

Intrinsically safe radiation monitors to measure radiation dose rate or characterize environmental contaminants.

Radiation Protection

Over a decade experience in the provision of radiationprotection and advice.

Analytical Services

Analytical chemistry experience in supporting the oil,gas, chemical and nuclear facility industry.


Envolta Radiation Services,a division of Envolta Corporation Enterprises, provide Quality Assurance services for radiation diagnostic equipments as per the AERB guidelines. Our experienced and BARC / AERB trained experts along with modern upgraded instrumentation and devices will deliver the best expertise which meets your requirements to your satisfaction and accredited to offer Quality Assurance and Quality Compliance.

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What We Offer

  • Personal radiation monitoring services
  • Calibration and repair of radiation monitors
  • Health, medical and environmental physics? advice.



Skilled operators with experience in all aspects of nuclear facility operation and maintenance.

Radiation Protection

Comprehensive dose control through monitoring, shielding and modelling.


Safe decommissioning of all nuclear facilities .

Waste Management

Envolta brings together knowledge and understanding of the various waste processing technologies including in-house designs for solid waste management.


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